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Welcome to Ferdowsi Univ­ersity CAD CAM Lab Websit­e!

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The Ferdowsi University CAD CAM Laboratory is one of the most active laboratories of its kind which is involved in a multitude of research areas, such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Manufacturing Automation, Mechanical System Design and Simulation, and Applications of Virtual Reality in engineering.­

The CAD CAM Laboratory has developed a considerable experience in Simulation of various Metal Cutting Processes as well as Numerical Control in the field of Manufacturing Automation. Its highly trained and qualified personnel, its modern and high technology equipment which have been developed so far, can contribute significantly into providing a useful experience for students before involving in different industrial activities.

The CAD CAM Laboratory provides an industrial environment in the areas of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, CNC Programming, Reverse Engineering and Solids Modeling; and a computing environment where students can put to practice the concepts and principles they’ve studied in their lectures. Graduate and undergraduate students have access to several CAD CAM software packages that allow them to design, simulate and finally manufacture complex parts or mechanical systems. ­­­

The CAD CAM Laboratory is equipped with: ­

  • CNC Milling Center ­
  • 3D Contact Digitizer
  • CNC Desktop Lathe Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • EDM


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