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 Dynamic Simulation of Low immersion Milling


Abstract: High Speed Machining (HSM) is a­ new emerging branch in the machining industry focusing on machining of flexible parts. In recent years, HSM develops significantly in terms of machine tool abilities, and cutting tool capability. One important field of HSM is low immersion milling of flexible parts encountered in aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Among special feature of low immersion milling, the following features are more important: high cutting speed, low immersion, and the flexibility of the tool-spindle assembly and the part. Having assumed the low immersion condition, the cutting edge of the tool spends a large fraction of time in the state of free vibration. Thus, traditional analysis of machine tool vibration is not valid anymore. In this research, HSM of low immersion capabilities is analyzed with emphasis on newly developed stability theory. Based on this theory, comprehensive simulation model of milling process, tool-spindle, and the flexible part vibratory system is presented. Finally, the stability of the process is investigated under various cutting conditions.

­Keywords: High Speed Machining, Milling of Flexible Parts, High Speed Low Immersion Milling, Vibration Simulation of Milling

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