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Ferdowsi University CAD CAM Lab­

At CAD CAM Laboratory different research and development projects are availabl­e. Some of these projects includes dynamic simulation of machining operations (Drilling,Boring,Milling,Grinding), tool path optimization of different cutting processes, numerical control of manufacturing processes including Spinning and High Speed Milling, kinematic and dynamic tolerance analysis of assemblies and design and manufacturing of educational and industrial equipment including Fatigue Test Machine and Cold Roll Forming Machine.


­­­The CAD CAM Laboratory consists of a VMC850 CNC Milling Center with three axes of simultaneously controlled motion. It is used for both research and industrial purposes including versatile metal cutting experiments, machining industrial dies and micro-scale parts and multi-axis numerical control projects.

The CAD CAM Laboratory is also equipped with a Renishaw Cyclone 2 Digitizer using Tracecut digitizing software. The digitizer is capable of measuring dimensions of complex-shaped parts and dies. The CAD data provided by scanning software will be used for modeling the parts using SolidWorks 2009 and Rapid Form 2006.The solid model will be next used for G-code & tool path generation using Mastercam X MR2 software. Finally the parts can be machined on CNC Milling Center.


The CAD CAM Laboratory also is equipped with a Spark Erosion Machine (EDM) as well as a Surface Grinding Machine and a CNC Lathe Machine.

In addition, the CAD CAM Laboratory provides students with different CAD CAM software packages.CAD software packages available includes Catia, SolidWorks, Rapid Form and MSC software packages (ADAMS, NASTRAN). MATLAB and LabView are available to support programming and measurements of numerical control projects. CAM software features Mastercam as the primary tool used by students and staff but other packages is used for demonstration to students such as: Surf Cam, Power Mill and Power Shape.

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