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­­Design and Manufacturing of a Fatigue Test Machine­ ­


Fatigue Test Machine is ideal for fatigue testing (both­ Tension and Compression) of advanced materials, biomedical and manufactured components. Power Pack and Machine Frame Online Control of Hydraulic system for force control in specimen is challenging in this project. Using many sensors like Load Cell, LVDT, Pressure Transmitter, … and Servo valve control for desire function Force need deep knowledge about Data acquisition system, Digital Control and Hydraulic systems. Fatigue Test Software Package monitor and control this system. Also,Desire Force Function like Sine, Triangular, square… can be define with Fatigue Test Software Package.



 Fatigue Test Machine-Power Pack and Machine Frame


­Features: ­

• 5-50 Hz Frequency

• ±25KN Hydraulic double Cylinder

• Desire Force Function like Sine, Triangular and squre ­

• Hydrostatic bearing actuator

• Wide range of system options, grips, fixture and accessories ­ ­

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