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The Shenyang Machine Tool VMC850  is a Vertical Machining Center  which is suitable for high accuracy machining such as milling, drilling, counter-boring, reaming and boring. The guide-ways of VMC850 adopt cast iron with hardening process to provide high rigidity and long service-time. Main motion of large-scale CNC Vertical Machining Center is driven by gears transmission system via two-step speed change to provide the spindle with increased speed range and large torque, suitable for power cutting. The bearings of spindle adopt imported bearings with characteristics of high speed and good rigidity. The bed is supplied with cooling cycle unit to control spindle temperature, and the machine bed is provided with four guide-ways to obtain high rigidity for the whole machine set.

­At CAD CAM Laboratory VMC850 Machining Center is used for producing parts for industrial projects as well as students’ final projects. The students use Mastercam as the primary CAM software learning how to choose the proper machining strategy, set machining parameters and finally provide G-code for CNC. ­

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