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­ Ali Kahnamouie Dehsorkhi, Design of Cam Profiles with Pythagorean-Hodograph Curves; Vibrational Analysis and Optimization, 2009

Seyyed­ Ali Ha­shemian, Tolerance Analysis of Compliant Sheet Metal Assemblies, 2008 ­ ­

Seyyed Ali Hosseini, Static and Dynamic Simulation of Rough End Milling Process, 2008

Seyyed Ghazanfar Moosavi, Simulation of Torsional-Axial and Lateral Vibration in Drilling, 2008 ­

Reza Nejatpour, Dimensional Control of Industrial Parts using Image Processing and CAD Algorithm, 2008­

Nima Zarif Yussefian, Dynamic Simulation of Boring Process, 2008

Masoud Pour, Assembly Tolerance Analysis with Nonrigid Parts, 2007 ­

Zahra Heydari, Dynamic Simulation of Low immersion Milling, 2007

Reza Ghavidel Jafari, Simulation of Cold Roll Forming Process, 2006

Seyyed Ehsan Layegh, Comprehensive Simulation of Surface Texture for End Milling Process, 2005

Javad Rokhsat, Kinematic Error Modeling of CNC Machines, 2005

Mohammad Javad Barakchi Fard, Analysis of Interpolator in CNC Machines with High Speed Machining Ability, 2002

Shadi Keshavarzmanesh, Controlling Chatter Vibrations During Milling of a Flexible Part, 2002 ­

­Mohammad Kazemi Nasrabadi, ­Analysis and Simulation of Blades Milling Operations, 2000 ­

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