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 Dynamic Simulation of Boring Process ­


Abstract: The thesis presents a model to simulate the dynamics of boring process. In boring operations the boring bar should be long and slender; therefore it is easily subjected to vibrations. Tool vibrations result in reduced tool life, poor surface finish and may also introduce chatter. Hence, predicting the vibrational behavior of boring process for a certain cutting conditions and tool work-piece properties is of great importance. The proposed method models the cutting tool geometry by B-spline parametric curves. By using B-spline curves it is possible to simulate different tool geometries with a single approach. B-spline curves also enable the modeling of the kinematics of chip formation for different tool work-piece engagement conditions with a single formulation. The boring bar has been modeled by the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. The simulation process has been implemented with MATLAB. The algorithm consists of different computational modules which are interconnected by a main program. Experimental machining tests have been conducted to verify the validity of the proposed model. Proposed dynamic model have been able to predict the dynamic cutting force components and vibration frequencies with less than 15% deviation. The proposed model has been also able to predict the chatter o­nset correctly. ­

Keywords: Boring, Dynamic Simulation of Cutting Forces, Chatter Vibration, B-spline curves


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