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 ­Static and Dynamic Simulation of Rough End Milling Process


­Abstract: Rough end mills with serrated cutting edges profile are widely used for suppressing chatter vibrations encountered during milling operations. The serrated profile of cutting edge have phase shift from one flute to the next and interfere with the regeneration of waviness of the cut surface. A comprehensive simulation of rough end milling requires geometric and physical simulation of the cutting process. In this research, serrated­ cutting edges are analytically defined and geometrically modelled as a B-spline curve. In addition to cutting edge modelling; the chip load on the serrated cutting edges is computed by a newly proposed recursive algorithm. The validity of the recursive algorithm is geometrically investigated with time consuming ASIC 3D solid modelling techniques. The simulation results confirm that the recursive algorithm can compute the required chip load much faster than the ACIS 3D simulations with the same accuracy. The developed algorithm can be effectively implemented for static and dynamic simulations of the rough end milling process.

Keywords: Rough End Milling, Chip Load, Geometric Modelling of Cutting Edge, Static and Dynamic Simulation of Cutting Forces, B-spline Curves.



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