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Nonlinear Analysis of an Impact Damper’s Dynamics­


­Abstract: In this study dynamics of a harmonically forced impact damper is investigated. The system equations were derived and solved both analytically and numerically. Results demonstrated different dynamical regimes including periodic and chaotic. Period doubling bifurcation was detected analytically by calculating the critical values of the eigenvalues of the Jacobian matrix. Lyapunov exponents were too calculated by a new method using the poincare map and compared with bifurcation diagram. Further, stability analysis based on Jacobian matrix of Poincare map was carried out. Different attractors like periodic, quasi-periodic and chaotic were observed. Finally time T-map was employed for calculating the fractal dimension of two quasi-periodic and chaotic attractors. Analyzing the complex dynamics of the system manifested various attractors which can be used for improving the performance of the impact damper. In addition fractal dimension confirmed the existence of chaotic attractors in this impact damper.


Keywords:  Impact Damper, Stability Analysis, Chaotic Attractors

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