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The PCI-1710HG is a multifunction card for the PCI bus which provides various functions including the five most desired control functions : A/D conversion, D/A conversion, digital input ,digital output and counter/timer. At CAD CAM Laboratory, PCI-1710HG is used for measuring different parameters on a Fatigue Test Machine. It is also used for measuring forces involved in different cutting processes using a Dynamometer.



The PCI-1711 is a multifunction card for the PCI bus. At CAD CAM Laboratory, PCI-1711 is used as a part of the force control structure designed for a CNC Spinning Machine.



The USB-4716 is a fully plug and play data acquisition device. It offers 16 single ended/ 8 different inputs with16 bit resolution, 16 digital I/O lines and 1 user contour, add two 16 bit analog outputs. At CAD CAM Laboratory, USB-4716 is used for test and measurement applications including measuring follower acceleration in a cam-and-follower structure, measuring cutting forces using a Load Cell, etc.




The USB-4718 is a true plug and play data acquisition device. It offers 8 thermocouple inputs with 16 bit resolution. The input channels can be set separately which makes it possible handling multiple types of sensor with only one USB-4718 module. At CAD CAM Laboratory, USB-4718 is used for measuring temperature in cutting processes using different types of thermocouples. ­


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