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The Renishaw Cyclone Digitizer is a dedicated three axis scanning device. It is designed primarily for the mould and die industry. Its purpose built to allow you to:

Contact scan an object using a Renishaw SP620 analogue scanning probe ­

Collect and store dimensional data about an object’s surface geometry

Use or manipulate this data to form a machine tool NC program that can be used to manufacture a similar manipulated part or die

The ­CAD CAM Laboratory makes increasing use of its reverse engineering technology via the Renishaw ‘Cyclone 2’ 3D scanner and TRACECUT digitizing software. At CAD CAM Laboratory, the Renishaw Cyclone Digitizer allows us to take a part with no data and produce usable CAD data. After the part is secured in the machine, a small probe scans the entire area producing part information. It works great for die details that have little or no data or any type of reverse engineering. ­


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